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24/7 Christian Family Store is strongly committed to giving back to the work of the Kingdom and a portion of all profits is donated to missions.  We are locally owned and operated by JoLynn Stallings, wife of the late Tom Stallings, and their kids: Jordan (age 14), Taylee and JamiLynn (twins, age 11).  100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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Family Christian Stores

You may have heard that Family Christian stores is declaring bankruptcy. We want to make it clear that, although our name is similar, we are in no way affiliated with Family Christian stores. Our store is independently owned and operated by JoLynn Stallings and her three kids. You may find it interesting to read more of our story and the meaning behind our name and logo by clicking here.


No Longer at Beulah Beach

This is the first time that I've had to make an announcement like this, but I know that many of you have been praying about the future of our bookstore.

So, it is with a broken heart that I am letting you know that I will not have a bookstore at Beulah Beach any longer.  We would appreciate your prayers since this has come as a shock and a disappointment to me and my kids.


Looking for a Permanent Location

We are presently looking for a permanent location and we will still travel to select events, which we will post here and also send to our email subscribers.  If you'd like to subscribe to our emails, or you know of a permanent location that may work for us, please email us at:


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